“We are an inclusive alliance that energetically engages our faith and non-faith communities to discover and honor what we share in common and to learn, understand, and appreciate our differences. We create this through service, education, dialogue, and celebration”



The Riverside Interfaith Council will function from the governance of consultation and unanimity, framed within activating our vision in our strategies, goals, activities envisioned engagement and community connection.

Riverside Alliance began in June 2014 as an idea to bring faith and spiritual communities together to serve as a support and educational body for community college students.   

Our first meeting took place on October. 23, 2014. At that first meeting, it was decided that our goal was to, "Create a community of compassion among our people of different faiths and cultures in Riverside through Service, Education, and Celebration." Our areas of intentional focus were: 1) Service, 2) Education, and 3) Celebration. At this first meeting, five communities came together and agreed to meet again to develop this concept of Interfaith.   That first year we hosted an Interfaith Dialogue at Riverside City College, attended the Parliament of World Religions International Conference, and participated in an Interfaith Vigil.   

Today we are known as the Riverside Interfaith Council and consist of faith, spiritual, and atheist communities. We provide a safe space, brave space for interfaith dialogue, and engagement. Annually we host Riverside's Faith Walk, host discussions, visit faith and non-faith communities and participate with other community organizations.   

We welcome and look forward to you joining us on our interfaith journey.